Tile installers who are pre-qualified may take the ACT test in Large Format Tile & Substrate Preparation.  Installers pre-qualify for this test in one of two ways:

  • A tile installer who has successfully completed the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) test administered by the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation; or

  • A tile installer who has achieved the rank of journeyman tile setter through successful completion of the apprenticeship training program conducted by the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers.

The intent of the Large Format Tile & Substrate Preparation certification is to determine the knowledge and skills presented by the pre-qualified installer.  These skills must include the ability to distinguish if the substrate to be tiled meets applicable ANSI Specifications and TCNA Handbook methods.  The tile installer must also have the skill and knowledge to install the large format tile in a pre-designated pattern with the installation meeting all applicable ANSI Specifications and TCNA methods.  

If this criterion is met or exceeded and the accompanying written test is successfully completed, the tile installer is then designated as certified in this particular skill area.  A form of certification is given to the installer to provide the customer with proof of the installer's expertise.

The Study Guide for the Large Format Tile & Substrate Preparation test offers more information on the scope of knowledge and skills required for certification.

For more information on ACT certification and to obtain test dates and locations, visit:
Ceramic Tile Education Foundation or call 1-864-222-2131

International Masonry Institute (for installer members of IUBAC)
or contact Teri Indelli (IMI) at 630-396-3144, or by email at [email protected]
I'm an installer and meet the pre-qualification requirements for ACT certification.  What can I expect with the tests?

The written test examines the installer's knowledge on the certification topic as documented in relevant ANSI standards, TCNA Handbook, and best industry practices. There are 23-25 multiple choice questions for each ACT test. The installer must pass the written test to be eligible to take the hands-on test.

The practical hands-on test is administered in person at an IMI training center, manufacturer's warehouse, or other pre-determined location. The installer is given a pre-constructed module (e.g. shower base, subfloor, etc.) and will install the designated components of that certification's system on the module. Either one half-day or one full day is allocated for the hands-on test, depending on the certification. Upon completion, the installer is evaluated for conformance with stated ANSI standards, TCNA methods, and other stated installation criteria. 

If the installer passes the written and practical tests, he/she is awarded the ACT certification for that specialty task.
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